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Show 13: Censorship, What in the world are you watching/listening to?

Censorship.  Evil word sometimes, but in the wilds of parenting, it is needed.  Or is it?  Our kids are going to absorb information of any type in more ways that we ever would have dreamed of when we were that

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Show 12: Kid Herding, or The Beer Dads show our grumpy side…

Fear not, loyal listeners, for your Beer Dads jumped off into some quite dangerous territory.  This weeks episode sprang from a festival that we attended together, complete with our better halves, and an assortment of Jon’s and Paul’s kids.  This

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Show 11: Positive Motivation, How to nudge your kids along, with a smile instead of a frown.

It’s true, our kids can drive us to distraction, and create wails of misery, however, that is only sometimes.  Usually, if we think about it, most of what we do is positive motivation.  Give them the carrot if they earned

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Rip in the fabric of space: Podcasts went poof

Thanks to one of our close friends, we were alerted that iTunes and Stitcher had lost a few of our most recent episodes! We have our full library now, so you can find all our musings, including this week’s take

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New Brewery Opening in Greensboro

The beer news in the Piedmont Triad region just keeps getting better with the news that a new brewery is getting set to open in Greensboro near the Newbridge Bank Ballpark: Preyer Brewing Co.’s first official batch of brew, a porter,

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Show 10: The dreaded “You should knock first! AKA What happens when you catch your kid masturbating.”

Warning! This week’s show deals with some topics best suited for Adult Ears.     Admit it.  It is the most dreaded thing a dad can do, walk in on your kid experimenting with what he was given as part

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Salem Lot 93

Small Batch Brewery worked with Old Salem to work up a barrel of traditional Moravian beer that they’ve named Salem Lot 93. Here’s an article about it in the Winston-Salem Journal: Mingia said that the recipe makes an “old ale”

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