Show 32: Guy Tips. Where we talk about our own Life Hacks.

Life.  We live it.  We modify it (when the wives are not looking) and we try to make the most of every situation.  This week’s show deviates a little from our norm, and we roll out a new part of TBD that we will try to incorporate into each show, The Guy Tips.  These are actual little life hacks that Tim, Jon, and Paul have integrated into our lives, to just make things flow a little better.  All past and future guests be warned, you WILL be asked if you have one to add!

This week we did the whole show on tips, and we would love to hear your versions!  Or if you try one of ours and its full of crap, you can tell that too.  We are big boys, we can handle a little constructive criticism!  So join us won’t you?

Also this week Jon and Paul visited The Less Desirables Podcast!  The mother ship!  Jon has been on a couple of times, and this time Paul joined, along with some of Jon’s family, and we discussed the Beer Dads podcast, and our home on The Less Desirables Network, with shout-outs to Tart N Tangy Triad, Electric Camel Pod, and Fan Interference, all of whom we share a home with.  You can hear that show here!


Listen to this webisode embedded below. You can also get all our shows from iTunes, Stitcher, or listen now from our home base, The Less Desirables Network

Beer Dads Podcast is proudly sponsored by Small Batch Beer Company.  Congrats on the upcoming Burger Batch! Can hardly wait for the first samples…..

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Email us here!  We all thank you for listening and supporting us.  We think our audience is amazing. We’d hug each of you if we could. Not really… that’s kind of creepy. Fist bumps!


Lifelong Winston Salem, NC resident, 1 wife, 1 son, 3 dogs. Lover of things serious and silly. Pop culture fan, music lover, coffee fiend. Love good food, wines, beers, and flavors in general!

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